The New Must-Haves


Hey guys!

H&M has launched the new beauty department in stores worldwide and online. Because I believe in H&M and the influence it has over people, and also I just couldn’t resist this beautiful packaging, I had to try out some of their stuff and let me tell you they are great.

The body lotions have a long lasting scent and they absorb really fast into your skin, leaving it silky and smooth. The makeup brushes and the teasing brush are great quality ones. The color essence eye cream has a thin formula easy to apply and builds up color easily. The eyeshadow palette has 9 color coordinated shades, matte, pearly and metallic, all in a mirrored compact. It’s such a versatile palette that can transition your look from day to night. “Orchidding me”, the lipstick, is rich and creamy with a medium coverage that lasts a good amount of time on your lips.  Beachy keen salt water cream is a matte texturizer, for beautiful, defined beachy waves, that provides hold and volume. The defining fibre wax is a soft wax great for fullness, because it contains fibers that boosts texture.

All in all, I really like these products and I think they’re a great quality. Let me know your thoughts on them if you try them out. Kisses.

Watch the video I made below!


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