All White in Sibiu




Hi loves!

I took some time off for a bit too long now, that’s why I thought it was about time to get back on posting pictures from this beautiful vacay I have. Currently I am in Constanta, at the beautiful Black Sea, actually visiting my aunt and my beloved cousin, Ana. Unfortunately I’m sick, I have chickenpox and I really want it to go away already. Lounging around the house while waiting for it to heal, made me remember that I own “a laptop” and that I kinda neglected my blog. So here I am, back I guess.

These photos were captured two weeks ago when I was in Sibiu, visiting my grandmother. I love this place because it reminds me of my childhood and it just makes me feel happy and brings peace to my soul. Long walks around the downtown area might be a bit tiring, so because I was walking around all day, I got dressed in a comfortable yet chic outfit and I wore these beautiful golden detailed flat sandals.

See you in my next post with more pictures from Sibiu.




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